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Tucson's full service Cooling and Heating professionals.

Specializing in residential and commercial air conditioning & heating service and repair, Fix My AC, llc. is committed to keeping clients throughout the greater Tucson area cool in the summer and comfortably warm during those winter cold spells.


Swamp Cooler Service & Repair

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We service, repair, & replace all brands of Swamp Coolers.

With such low humidity in the Southwest, swamp coolers have long been the staple for helping Tucson residents stay cool during the warmer months.  Swamp Coolers are much easier to maintain, highly effective during low humidity days, & offer big economical benefits over AC.


Air Duct Cleaning

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Clean Air Ducts help you & your system breath easier.

With the constant flow of air traveling throughout your AC / Heater air ducts, it's easy to understand how dust can accumulate throughout the system. Dusty air ducts and vents can cause breathing issues for the family and for the unit, itself.


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Swamp cooler service in Tucson, A/C repair in Tucson, A/C replacement in Tucson

Fix My AC, llc. is here to provide our customers with the highest quality and trusted HVAC, Tucson AC Repair, Heating, & Swamp Cooler repair and service throughout the greater Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley, AZ areas.  We have experience on all major A/C and Heating brands, so we've virtually seen it all.  Our experience is your gain!

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 "We sweat so you dont't have to"



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