Heater Repair in Tucson, AZ

Popular Types of Heating Systems

Around early November most people notice how much colder it gets in the desert. With so much of the year being hot and dry, many houses may have a furnace that needs to be repaired. Jan with FixMyAC has created this guide featuring major brands and different HVAC systems. If you are in need of emergency service, please call ….

Forced Air Furnaces

These are some of the most popular setups in the Tucson area. Gas forced hot air is a great way to heat your house in the desert for many reasons. If you do have a gas furnace in your house, be sure to invest in a carbon monoxide detector that plugs into an outlet low to the ground. In case carbon monoxide begins leaking from your heating system, it’s important to stay safe.

Common Problems

Before we diagnose the problem with your heating system, there is a list of things we check that commonly stop the heat from filling your house. One of these is checking the “cookie sheet” or a damper that controls the airflow between your furnace ductwork.

If this damper or cookie sheet is not positioned correctly, hot air will blow through it and go into other systems of the house such as your swamp cooler. You can test this by putting your hand up to your swamp cooler and seeing if there is air blowing.

In response to this problem, we have seen many people who simply cover their cooler when they use their heater. We do not recommend this because you will have air leakage that you cannot control unless you fix or understand the ductwork. If your heater is not getting hot enough, our HVAC repair services will get your heating system right back into working condition.

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